Model motion: Proportional representation

Drafted by our comrades from the Labour Left Alliance. Please consider putting it forward in your banches, CLPs and trade unions.

  1. This branch/CLP meeting believes 

1.1. That the First Past the Post voting system is undemocratic and does not provide a proper reflection of the diversity of political views within the electorate. Millions of votes end up being discarded.

1.2. While there are more democratic voting systems than Proportional Representation that could be usefully introduced in the transition to a socialist society, we believe that in the here and now a form of Proportional Representation is a necessary alternative to the First Past the Post system.

  1. We therefore call upon the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee:

2.1 To support the introduction of a form of Proportional Representation in which all votes at General and Local Elections count equally and seats are allocated to reflect all votes cast.

2.2. To consult the party membership specifically about their views on Proportional Representation, and to determine the form that would be most democratic.

2.3. To set out how it will select a new, proportional voting system for general elections, in time to offer it as a concrete alternative to the sole use of First Past the Post in our next manifesto.

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