The Network

SLN was formed by the merger of Labour-in-Exile and Labour Against the Witch-hunt. We hope that everybody who has been purged, terminated, expelled from Labour will join us. We are not a political party but we are a political movement. We aim to keep together all those who supported the socialist direction of Labour under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.

We hope to gather groups of socialists in each constituency to form ‘shadow CLPs’. Of course we are not the ‘shadow’ of Labour – we are the ‘real’ democratic socialist Labour.

Together, the network of democratic socialists will support each other in campaigning in constituencies to provide the vision for our communities which Starmer’s Labour is singularly failing to do.

We hold monthly meetings of all members. Fortnightly meetings to progress the organising of shadow CLPs and regular public meetings on matters of importance with guest speakers. See the home page for details of public meetings. Please join SLN to attend members meetings.

The witch-hunt is ongoing and we encourage you to let us know your story if you have been targeted by the Labour purge.