Meeting: What’s happening with the purge in the Labour Party?

Saturday February 20, 7.30 

Come to this online briefing meeting to find out more – register here. Speakers include Esther Giles (suspended CLP secretary and NEC candidate) and Dr Neil Todd. We will also be launching a survey on the purge at the meeting.

In recent months over 70 officers of  Constituency Labour Parties are known to have been suspended simply for allowing members to discuss topics forbidden by the general secretary.

Most have been for Motions asking for Jeremy Corbyn to have the whip restored.

In addition, since May 2020, hundreds of members have been expelled under the new leadership for alleged offences ranging from wishing good luck to Chris Williamson to allegations of “antisemitism”.

This is a full-blown purge — an attempt to rid the party of socialists and supporters of Jeremy Corbyn by expelling local activists, prompting many to resign and cowing others into silence.

But there is a growing opposition to what’s happening. Many members are saying they are not prepared to surrender the party to the right and are organising a fight-back.

If you want to find out:

  • The latest information on the purge
  • How the purge will affect your CLP
  • How members are fighting back

… And share your experiences or just ask questions, come to this online meeting organised by the Labour In Exile Network. This is a battle for the future of the Labour Party. We cannot fight it alone. We have to join together.

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